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Reviews of
Kids Online: Protecting Your Children in Cyberspace
by Donna Rice Hughes

".. very well-written, easy to read, thought-provoking book."
Nashville News (2/99)
"Who is your daughter talking to online? What does your son see on the web? The answers could shock you. Here's a simple safety guide for protecting children, while allowing exploration of important Internet resources."
Parable (4/99)
"A comprehensive resource alerting parents to both the dangers and benefits of exploring the World Wide Web. Chock-full of statistics, anecdotes and information to help parents monitor their child's online activities."
New Man (3/99)
"A timely handbook explaining how to protect children from pornography on the Internet offers step-by-step guidance ensuring that computers at home, at school, at libraries remain safe.… Original."
Baker & Taylor (Fall 98)
"…The chapter I found most enlightening was the first, "Bridging the technogeneration gap." The appendices, notes and glossary (66 pages) are perhaps this book's greatest contribution. … Recommended for every library."
Church and Synagogue Libraries (3/99)
"Surfing the "Net" has become second nature to our kids, and gaining Internet skills will give them real advantage throughout their lives. But one small typing error can open the door to pornography and expose children to online predators. Kids Online offers step-by-step directions for keeping kids safe while allowing them the many benefits of the Internet."
Northwest Christian Journal (9/98)
"Donna Rice Hughes pulls no punches when describing the risks to children who use the Internet at home and school. Fortunately, she uses the early chapters of Kids Online to discuss the numerous benefits of appropriate Internet use. The book also includes several useful appendices, including sample home and school rules for Internet use and a list of kid-appropriate Web sites. For these accessible resources alone I recommend this book to parents and teachers who have children using the Internet in their homes or classrooms."
Christian Home & School (3/99)

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