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Kids Online: Protecting Your Children in Cyberspace
Appendix C:
Eight Questions about Software Solutions at Libraries

Appendix C contains eight questions and answers about software solutions at libraries. The following is the list of questions (comprehensive anwers are included in book version):

  1. How does the Supreme court decision on the Communications Decency Act (CDA) affect what we do at the local library?

  2. Isn't the use of blocking software on the Internet censorship?

  3. What is the differnece between flitering, blocking, and closed systems? Won't they block access to information on breast cancer, AIDS research, works of art, and other materials?

  4. I've heard there is no such thing as server-end blocking. Is this true?

  5. Don't adults have a right to view anything they want at the library?

  6. Aren't parents responsible for what children do?

  7. Aren't you asking library staff to baby-sit?

  8. Shouldn't people who don't like pornography just ignore it and let others do what they want?

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